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MSDB Goals

(For detailed agency goals and objectives required by the State of Montana, click on the following links: Administration, General Services, Student Services, Education.)

The following is a summary of MSDB’s goals for its services:

  1. Outreach Services. To serve as a resource center providing information, technical assistance, evaluation, and referral services to educators and other professionals who work with deaf and blind children and youth, as well as the families of those children.

  2. Parent Support.  To provide parents with the necessary information, referrals, and counseling to adjust to their child’s hearing or visual impairment, and to participate in the educational planning process for their child.

  3. Early Intervention.  To provide early educational intervention to deaf or blind preschool children in the home to minimize educational delays.

  4. Specialized Services.  To provide educational services appropriate for each child’s condition, including language acquisition, speech development, maximum use of residual hearing and vision, orientation and mobility, and assistive technology.

  5. Core Education.  To provide a comprehensive educational program from preschool through 12th grade, which includes extracurricular activities, social education, athletics, vocational education, and support services, comparable to educational opportunities afforded to non-disabled children.

  6. Employability & Transition. To provide students with life skills training, vocational education, and guidance and counseling, which will enable them to make appropriate choices regarding vocational and post-secondary goals; to help students develop fundamental employment skills and independent living skills necessary to function as self-supporting members of their communities.

  7. Residential Services. To provide students with comprehensive residential facilities, including care and supervision, health services, recreational opportunities and social education, which includes social adjustment and self-concept development.