Evolving to Meet Students' Needs

Since 1893, the Montana School for the Deaf & Blind has evolved to meet the needs of each generation of children with vision or hearing loss. From a leased two-story frame house in Boulder, without electricity or running water, to a modern Great Falls campus with high tech educational aids for deaf and blind students, the School has bridged three centuries. 

Over the years, the School has developed two different ways to meet the educational needs of Montana’s deaf and blind children of all ages. On the Great Falls campus, MSDB provides specialized instruction and an education for deaf and blind students that is equivalent to that of their hearing and sighted peers. The goal is to prepare students for independent, successful lives.

In addition, MSDB serves as a statewide resource center for parents of children with vision or hearing loss and for school districts that serve deaf and blind students. Upon request, MSDB assists school districts, ensuring that services and programs for their deaf and blind students are appropriate. MSDB consultants also provide early intervention services in the homes of infants and toddlers with vision or hearing loss.

As a state-funded special purpose school, MSDB is governed by the Montana Board of Public Education, which sets requirements for public education in the state. State funding is supplemented by funding from the Montana School for the Deaf & Blind Foundation.

Panoramic picture of the Bitterroot building.