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A Dedicated Team of Experts

MSDB’s professional team of teachers and specialists has been highly trained to meet the specific educational needs of students with vision or hearing loss. The majority of the School’s teachers have advanced degrees in the education of the deaf or the education of the blind, and their expertise is matched by their passion for their work.

Working in collaboration with the experienced and caring teachers, outreach consultants, and interpreters are two audiologists, a speech pathologist, communication technician, orientation and mobility specialist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, guidance counselor, behavior specialist, and a school psychologist. The residential cottage attendants are trained and certified under the Residential Child and Youth Care Professional Program.

This dedicated staff of experts is committed to providing the best educational experiences to their students. The staff is led by an administrative team consisting of a Superintendent, Principal, Dean of Students, and Business Manager. The education departments are led by a Supervising Teacher of the Deaf and a Supervising Teacher of the Blind.

Superintendent Principal
Donna Sorensen  Paul Furthmyre
Dean of Students Business Manager
Jim Kelly   Donna Schmidt
Supervising Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Julie-Dee Alt  
Supervising Teacher for the Visually Impaired
Outreach Director
Carol Clayton-Bye  
School Psychologist   Guidance Counselor
Chris Gutschenritter   Trudy Hill
Behavior Specialist   Audiologist
Yvette Smail      Kathy Johnson
Outreach Audiologist  Speech Pathologist
Lisa Cannon Sherri Widholm
Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Geri Darko  
ASL Specialist  
Amee Sevrie  
Occupational Therapist    Physical Therapist
Stephanie Annis   Laurie McRae