Group of kids having fun together

Cottage Homework Connection

CHC, as we call it, is an hour set aside for supervised homework in the activity room of Yellowstone Cottage, each Monday through Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. A counselor and a houseparent provide supervision and assistance. This is a good way for students to study for tests, complete homework assignments, and learn better study skills.

Residential students in the Obsidian, Shoshone, Grizzly and Geyser wings can attend CHC if they choose. Day students are also welcome. 

Students keep track of their participation with a punch card. Once they have filled up their card by attending twenty sessions, they may select a reward. The rewards are gift certificates to various businesses (fast food, video rentals, etc.).

CHC Guidelines


  • may sit wherever they would like
  • must bring homework or something to read
  • may talk, but only about their homework
  • are not permitted to bring their cell phones or pagers