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Cottage Life

Residential Program

For those who live too far from campus to attend as day students, the Residential Program provides a supportive and nurturing living environment. A caring staff of counselors, house parents, and health care professionals attend to the needs of each child.

The residential complex includes four separate wings, called “cottages.” Each cottage is arranged like a home, where groups of either boys or girls of similar ages live, watched over by a house parent. The kids share breakfast and dinner in their individual cottages but eat lunch with all students in the adjacent community dining room on school days. Formal dinners are served in the dining room on special occasions.

Bedrooms are designed to accommodate two students. Living and interacting with other deaf and blind children teaches kids to communicate with and relate to others more freely. While enjoying a strong sense of community at MSDB, students are also members of the larger Great Falls community, performing at and attending many local events.


Whether in the community or on campus, residential students enjoy a wide range of recreational and leisure activities, including riding bicycles, swimming, shopping, roller skating, barbecues, and movies. The kids enjoy attending Great Falls Voyagers baseball games and art classes at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, as well as the annual Christmas Stroll in downtown Great Falls and the Ice Breaker Fun Run each spring.

Residential students regularly use the Mustang Center during the evenings and on weekends. The Center is a complete gymnasium facility with a swimming pool, bowling alley, full-size basketball court, and Nautilus weight lifting room.

Independent Living Skills Program

Older kids can take advantage of the Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP). The purpose of the program is to assist 12th graders and a select group of 11th graders in developing the skills they will need to successfully meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Through the ILSP, students learn skills such as cooking, shopping, menu planning, time and money management, and simple community living skills. This program is often tailored to meet the individual needs of the students in the program.

Health Services Program

The Health Services Program is directed by a registered nurse and staffed by licensed practical nurses. Scheduled and on-call staff provide health care for MSDB students 24 hours a day. The staff also administers medication and treatment under the orders of the child's health care providers.

At no cost to their families, students travel home for a long weekend each month during the school year, as well as for holiday breaks.

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