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Family-based Outreach Services

MSDB offers support to parents by providing information, referrals, counseling, and instruction to help parents adjust to their child’s unique needs.

Our Family Advisor Program helps parents address the unique learning needs of their deaf or blind infant or preschool age child, including speech, language development in English and/or American Sign Language (ASL), spatial and concept development, and mobility skills.

Early intervention is the key to the successful education of children with vision loss and/or different hearing levels. The Family Advisor Program makes it easy for families by working with them in their homes.

Additional programs for families are offered on the MSDB campus.  Click here to learn about the Family Learning Weekends held each summer.

For more information about our Family-based Outreach services, please call MSDB at 1-800-882-MSDB, or email us at


Blind/Low Vision Outreach Coverage Map

Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Outreach Coverage Map